Booking Agent

Earn extra income!

Earn 10% commission on accommodation and adventure program fees for all bookings that make use of your referral code.

The more bookings confirm and camp at Back 2 Basics, the more commission you earn!

How this works:

  1. You register as a B2B Camps booking agent.
  2. You receive an email with your unique referral code.
  3. B2B Camps will contact you to confirm your details and explain how the referral programs works.
  4. B2B Camps captures your account details and links it to your referral code.
  5. Once registered and confirmation is received that B2B Camps have linked your bank account to your referral code, you are ready to start referring B2B Camps to possible campers.
  6. You need to ensure that all bookings are logged using our online booking form. All bookings made with your Referral Code using our online booking form will be associated with your account.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. ONLY bookings logged via the online Booking Enquiry form will be eligible to be part of the referral program.
  2. Payments are made within 2 business days after the camp was held at Back 2 Basics.
  3. If a booking is cancelled, no commission will be paid.
  4. Payments are made strictly to the account linked to the referral code.
  5. Commission payable is determined by the final invoice for the camp. Any changes to the booking after the booking enquiry was logged will have an impact the commission payable.
  6. To avoid any situation where more than one booking form is received for a camp, the first booking form will be regarded as the official inquiry. All other booking forms received therafter will not be eligible for commission.

Register with us as a booking agent by filling out the form below.

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