Main Camp Information:

The larger of the two campsites and can sleep 150 people in army tents on bunk-beds. It has a maximum capacity of 250 people by means of extra dome tents pitched by special arrangement. It includes a fully equipped kitchen making catering a breeze.

Army tents, bunk beds, and mattresses. Additional sleeping capacity is catered for by dome tents – perfect for teachers or team leaders.

Two bathrooms about 100m apart from one another. There are also rustic, yet beautifully finished-off outside bathrooms and showers – for the adventurous at heart.

A fully equipped kitchen allows for hassle-free cooking. Catering can be requested as part of your booking, with 3 menus to choose from, or you can choose to do the cooking yourself. Plenty of fridge space, stoves, cutlery and crockery-you’ll have everything you need.

Our Hall can easily seat over 200 people. Fold-up sides make it easy to regulate temperature during lectures, indoor games, parties, etc. Great for conferences, seminars, shows, special events, or when even when it’s just rainy. Gas heaters are used during winter to create a cozy atmosphere.

Bush Camp Information:

The smaller of the two campsites can sleep up to 60 people on bunk beds in army tents and up to 150 in dome tents. The maximum capacity is 160 people. It also features a Marque tent doubling as the hall.

This cosy campsite is perfect for smaller groups with a much more “in the wild” feel to it.

We’ve recently opened up the space for smaller “individual groups” for when the family or friends are looking for an exclusive getaway. For this option, there are 3 sites, each tucked away for optimal privacy, that each cater for between 3-5 tents per site.

The Bush Camp’s ablutions sport two bathroom facilities complete with toilets, showers, etc. Always neat and always clean-as it should be.

A wooden storage house for storing of goods, freezer & fridge as well as the kitchen cleaning facility. Cooking takes place in the army tent, on gas stoves & oven.

A dedicate large tent is comfortably positioned under large oak trees and can seat 100 people. Situated next to a picturesque dam, with the mountains in the distance, it makes a beautiful venue for a special occasion.

Individual & Small Groups Information:

Pre-setup camping spots can be customised based on the options you select:

  1. Pre-pitched tent
  2. Stretcher & Matrass
  3. Gas stove with pot and pans
  4. Etc

Empty camping spots allow you to bring your own equipment.

Camping lots consist of those with and those without power so be sure to specify which lot you would like to book.

Individual and small group pricing only. For larger groups, please request a customised quote from the booking enquiry page.

Note: The price list is subject to change and there may be a delay before pricing reflects on the website. Please confirm pricing when making your booking.